Order Domestic Cleaning in Maidenhead

For busy people a clean house is rarely the case. Every time something urgent pops up such as unexpected guests or perhaps expected ones, that you can’t find the time to prepare for in terms of cleaning – we are here for you. Hire the professionals in domestic cleaning Maidenhead and have us deal with the struggles of a thorough domestic cleaning whilst you get on with your life. Of course, you can turn to us as a maintenance measure as well. A permanently clean house is never a con to anyone.

Home Cleaning Maidenhead SL6 – Get Classy Clean With Us

domestic cleaningCustomise your order according to your needs and have us transform the interior of your home as if you just moved in. We always strive to provide our clients with the best cleaning possible with great attention to detail. Simply pick one of the two options and speak to our team to custom-build your booking as to what extend you want us to cleanse your place:

  • One-off cleaning – A complete deep cleaning is what you’ll get upon booking this service. One-off cleaning means no detail overlooked! As experienced as we are we know where to look and how to properly clean thoroughly. And when speaking of deep cleaning, we can also help you to get your deposit back with our end of tenancy cleaning. Read below for more advantages you’d get upon booking a one-off cleaning Maidenhead.
  • Regular house cleaning – There’s also the option to book regular visits from local house cleaners. We are familiar with how this goes so we’ve included the possibility to book the same maid over and over. The obvious advantage here is that the cleaner will eventually get comfortable with your home and your personal requirements which will undoubtedly increase the overall productivity of the whole cleaning process.

The procedures that the home cleaning specialists in Maidenhead will execute include, as following:

  1. Laundry
  2. Ironing
  3. Making beds
  4. Washing the dishes
  5. Mopping/sweeping the floor
  6. Dusting furniture
  7. Polishing furniture, where it’s needed
  8. Counter-tops & cupboards dusting
  9. All-encompassing bathroom cleaning
  10. Carpet hoovering and upholsery hoovering
  11. Kitchen appliances clearance

Aside from that there are a couple of other benefits that apply to our company as a whole.

Choose House Cleaning Maidenhead for a Reason

  • The cleaning professionals you are ordering are carefully picked among the most experienced in the field and are certified.
  • Flexibility in scheduling appointments – we have available cleaners all the time for all occasions. Working on bank holidays is part of that flexibility.
  • Domestic Cleaners Maidenhead are fully insured and police-checked, although that is implied.
  • You will be provided with further instructions of how to preserve your home for longer as clean. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask the home cleaners whatever
  • The more services you order at once the greater the discount you will enjoy

One-off Cleaning or Regular One – Contact Us And Have Your Home Refreshed

Look for us at 01628 243 071 and receive a free quotation for your booking. It’s fast and easy. Other equally quick methods to order from us are the live chat, here on our web page, or by simply filling the booking form yourself.

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