Comprehensive End of Tenancy Cleaning in Maidenhead

Moving out can be bothersome for both tenants and landlords. Save yourself the hassle with getting back deposits or putting a well maintained flat back on the market for leasing with our specialised end of tenancy cleaning in Maidenhead SL6! Leave the cleaning to us while you go ahead and make further plans for what’s more important. If you’re a leasing agent or a landlord you will obviously get a special offer. For the tenants we provide a guarantee that with our work they will receive their down payment back. The move out cleaning isn’t something to worry about with end of tenancy cleaners Maidenhead.

Why Booking Move Out Cleaning Maidenhead SL6

There are some advantages of hiring us for your Maidenhead end of tenancy cleaners we would like to inform you about. See for yourself what a well organised tenancy cleaning in Maidenhead covers:

  • 72-hour re-clean option – the nature of the service implies perfection is aimed at. In case a tenant notices unfinished work we appeal you to call us back, point out what you want us to improve and the Maidenhead tenancy cleaners will arrive and execute what’s needed for free.
  • Same day service option – when someone decides work’s need to be done there’s no time for postponement and we know that very well.
  • Availability for move out cleaning even on Bank Holidays – it’s all about convenience of the client.
  • On-the-field discountsoven cleaning comes as a free bonus if you book tenancy cleaning in Maidenhead. If you book carpet cleaning along it will come at 40% off the regular price. The more you book the more you save without exaggeration. Window cleaning also comes with a discount of 15%.
  • The job is done when all is cleaned – we’ve decided to make the move out cleaning in Maidenhead a non-hourly based service. We think this increases productivity and promotes higher quality of the work process.
  • Thorough end of tenancy cleaning Maidenhead – bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and everything else that fins place in your home will be in-and-out cleaned.
  • 24/7 customer support – you can find us and make an order or ask questions any time, day and night. Our service operators are constantly available and eager to help with whatever they can. The live chat is always the other option if you’re not in the mood for a phone call, you will get an instant reply.

Book Tenancy Cleaning in Maidenhead SL6 For Best Results

Our contact number is 01628 243 071 – don’t hesitate and make a booking, for we will save you all the moving troubles. Plus you get a free quotation. For your convenience you can also fill in our booking form or use the handy live chat feature.

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