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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Tenancy Cleaning Window Cleaning
Rubbish Removal Oven Cleaning Gutter Cleaning

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

The prices for carpet cleaning depend on the size, type of fabric and the cleaning method. For more information on those you can check our carpet cleaning page or simply request your free quote online or on 01628 243 071

Service Price
Bedrooms (10×10 feet) £22
Lounge (12×12 feet) £27
Staircase (Up to 14 steps) £27
Two Seater Sofa £33
Curtains £19
Mattress £16

* Carpet Cleaning rates vary depending on the carpet size. Min charge applies, but in certain cases we can overlook the minimum charges.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

The end of tenancy prices always depend from the size of the property, your requirements and your specific areas that must be cleaned. For a free personalized quote you can always call us on 01628 243 071. Find example prices in the table below.

Type property Excl. Carpets Incl. Carpets
Studio flat from £ 95.00 £ 127.00
One Bedroom from £ 129.00 £ 169.00
Two Bedroom from £ 151.00 £ 211.00
Three Bedroom from £ 191.00  £ 265.00

* End of tenancy cleaning prices vary depending on the property size and if your choose to include carpet cleaning.

Window Cleaning Prices

Property Price
Flat from £ 37.00
Terraced Property from £ 41.00
Semi-detached Property from £ 41.00
Detached Property from £ 51.00
Front of the Property from £ 27.00
Conservatory Cleaning from £ 41.00
Regular Window Cleaning Visits from £ 27.00

Oven Cleaning Prices

Standard Width Price 90cm width range or Bigger Price
Single oven  (incl. 2 racks) £49 Range Hood or Hob £24
Single oven (incl. 3 racks) £67 Single wide oven (incl. 3 racks) £67
Extractor £14 Complete Range 90cm £81
Microwave Oven £14 Complete Range 110cm £97
Gas Hob £18
Ceramic Hob £15
Complete Range £81
AGA (Alpha, Stanley, Rayburn) Price BBQ’s Price
AGA – 2 Oven Size £83 BBQ small £44
AGA – 4 Oven Size £114 BBQ (70-110cm) £69
Side Module £62 BBQ large (over 110cm) £83
Additional Service Price
Extra Bulb Change £4
Extra Grill Pans/Trays £7 (each)

* Oven cleaning prices may vary depending on the oven type and size. Minimum charge is £49.
* The service includes cleaning of the original racks and grill pans inside the oven. Any additional fixtures will be charged separately.

Gutter Cleaning Prices

Single Leveled Properties Price 2 Level Properties Price 3 Level Properties Price
Terraced House £37 Terraced House £57 Terraced House £79
End-of-terrace House £42 End-of-terrace House £62 End-of-terrace House £84
Semi-detached house £57 Semi-detached house £77 Semi-detached house £99
Detached house £77 Detached house £87 Detached house £117
Downpipes £14/pipe Downpipes £17/pipe Downpipes £21/pipe

* Gutter Cleaning rates vary depending on property size and number of levels. Minimum charge is £37.

Rubbish Removal Prices

Household, Builders and Green Waste Removal Prices

Space in the van Cubic Yards Time Loading Prices From
Min charge 1 5 min £ 48
1/4 3 15 min £ 94
1/2 6 30 min £ 144
3/4 Van 9 45 min £ 199
Full Van 12 60 min £ 264

Supplement Charges

Required Eco fees Price
Mattress £ 15
Domestic Fridge/Aircon unit £ 35
Commercial Fridge/freezer unit £ 70
Computer Monitor/TV £ 10
UPS/Car battery £ 10
Fluorescent tube £ 5

*The prices for household waste are based on the VOLUME and WEIGHT of the waste for collection.
*The prices for builders waste are based on the WEIGHT оf the items.
*Price includes labour, transport and disposal fees.
*If your load is more than 12 cubic yards/1000 kg and require more than a full load of our van we will be able to arrange the service for you with a second visit at the rates stated in the price list.

* T&C Apply
* Minimum Call Out Charges Apply

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