Window Cleaning Maidenhead That You Won't Forget

Always look on the bright side of life! Unfortunately you can’t do that if your home’s windows are smeary. See the solution in hiring us for window cleaning in Maidenhead and invite the sunlight in its pure state inside of your house again. We have the devotion and the time to clean your windows to invisibility! Save yourself some time, back pain and dangerous ladder climbing and leave it to the experts as this is the kind of task that people never really find the motivation to perform, yet it becomes necessary with time.

Window Cleaners Maidenhead

There are a few techniques that distinguish our window cleaning services Maidenhead from a regular window cleaning company. All of them we have implemented and continue doing so because we know they work best in your interest. Those methods help our work and improve its quality whilst significantly decreasing the “weak spots” of any window cleaning, such as using ladders:

  1. Rope-access system for when the targeted windows are above the fourth floor which often happens with business buildings. It’s safe and expands the range of windows we can reach for you.
  2. Water-fed pole system so we can perform the window cleaning for lower floors. It saves us time, removes the ladders and the scaffolding from the picture and that results in faster performance and absolute safety for the team. The only thing that is required is a suitable parking place for us.
  3. The professionals of window cleaning Maidenhead do deal with every type of window there is. Bay windows, skylight windows, sash windows, French doors – we have cleaned it and we will clean it again. While working on the exterior of your house, the technicians can also help you with the down pipes and gutter cleaning. And if you want someone to take care of the inside of your home as well, just check our regular domestic cleaning service
  4. Demineralised water is used in the process. This helps us to remain environmentally friendly as no detergents are required for the procedure. After treatment with said purified water the windows are protected from gathering dust and the soup/water stains are not to be found when the surface dries off. Of course, if we’re dealing with a really messy situation upon request we can use detergents that are still non-toxic and eco-friendly.
  5. Thorough cleaning is what we’re after – the PVC sills and frames are a part of your windows and we’re aware of that.

Local Window Cleaning Services Maidenhead SL6 Available 24/7

Find us at 01628 243 071 where our customer support team is always prepared for your questions or bookings – the lines are open day and night. Or ask your questions via our contact form or the live chat. Upon booking you will receive a free quote. If you combine orders with other services from us discounts will be present on our already affordable rates.

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